The Press Wrote

"A riveting documentary: as spooky as the early scenes of 2001."     
 Nigel Andrews, Financial Times


"Jaw-dropping! Tackles a subject almost beyond comprehension. One of the most extraordinary factual films to be shown this year. Madsen's film does not merely ask tough questions about the implications of nuclear energy...but about how we, as a race, conceive our own future. This is nothing less than post-human architecture we are talking about. Why isn't every government, every philosopher, every theologian, everywhere in the world discussing Onkalo and its implications? I don't know, but they should see this film."

- Peter Bradshaw, Guardian (UK)


"Intelligent, visually striking! Discusses the practical, political, philosophical and ethical problems entailed with a variety of Scandinavian scientists, administrators and thinkers who all talk slowly, eloquently, and slightly ominously, in excellent English. An eerie, provocative, poetic film."

- Philip French, Observer (UK)


"A quietly philosophical meditation on time and infinity."
- The Independent (UK)


"A hauntingly cool documentary!"
- Jason Solomons, The Mail on Sunday UK